Freezing food

I was on Pinterest the other night, as I am almost every day, and found a pin about 31 things you can freeze to save time and money.  I love saving money so I clicked through and fell in love with this website. It tells you what items and how to freeze them.  My next shopping trip will be based on some of these products.  The one I liked the most was the veggies. Every time I buy fresh vegetables they seem to go bad before I use them.  This is a way to freeze them.  Also making ball of cookie dough then freezing the cookie dough balls. Easy, and when you need/want to make cookies just pop them in the oven!

Dice onions, chili’s, or bell peppers, then freeze flat in gallon freezer bags. As they are freezing, press “score lines” into the bags so you can break off as much or as little as you wish for recipes.

things you can freeze

Check out more:


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